Four Corners Rolfing Testimonials

“Being a sports official for forty plus years brings physical and stress demands to the mind and body. Nikki is able to blend the best techniques of Rolfing with practical, healthy things that have increased my energy and extended my years.”
— Mitchell Toms, Referee

“I am so glad I decided to invest in the Rolfing series from Nikki! I recently turned 63 and
 was beginning to feel my age. I didn’t hurt anywhere, but I just didn’t feel at home in my body anymore. The benefits started immediately after the first session. My breath felt like velvet and I could feel it spreading through my body. I felt open, not like a brick. By the fourth session I felt more grounded and balanced on my feet. By the end I realized I had the energy to work out when I got home from work! Nikki is so kind. I wasn’t embarrassed not to have a young, fit body. I felt good about myself. It was worth every penny!”
— Marcy Cummins, Licensed Counselor

“I went to the Doctor for my annual checkup and she took my height and said “let me check that again” so she checked again. Last time I came in,
 I measured 5’ 6 1/2″; this time I measured 5’ 8 3/4″. Thanks to Rolfing and thanks to Nikki I got my two inches back.”
— Beverly Ertel, Funeral Home Director